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CalWater PAC is a bipartisan political action committee (PAC) that receives contributions from businesses and members. CalWater PAC distributes contributions to candidates and incumbent members of the California legislature (and other state-wide offices) who are important to development of California water policy.


CalWater PAC allows businesses in the water community to pool resources. CalWater PAC's Board decides how and to whom funds are distributed.

CalWater Pac is the only state-wide water PAC in California!


CalWater PAC's Board of Trustees meet monthly to authorize contributions. Solicitations for contributions are considered relative to a variety of factors deemed relevant by the Board. 


Of primary consideration is the candidate's commitment to water/environmental issues and good public policy. In order for the water community to succeed in providing a long-term, safe, reliable water supply at reasonable cost, there is a need to elect people at the state level who are committed to these goals and keep them in office. Among the factors taken into account are experience, electability, and recommendations. 

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